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Weight System scuba diving equipment

Diving weight system

Diving weight system

As the scuba diver’s body, equipment and suit have positive buoyancy it is necessary to wear a weight system which enables them to descend.
They are not complicated gadgets but if they are not operating properly they can cause serious problems. There are two basic styles of weight systems which are commonly used.

Weight belt
The weight belt is a nylon belt on which the solid weights are threaded. It is closed with a plastic or metal buckle whose teeth grip into the nylon material. Belts with pockets to hold the weights are available as well. They can be more comfortable because they can also be used for "soft lead", bags filled with lead shot. When choosing a weight belt take care to buy high-quality material with a reliable buckle that will not to open by accident, but which also has a quick release mechanism, which allows dropping the belt by using one hand in one motion.

Integrated Weights
In the past years the BCDs with integrated weight systems became more and more popular because they make the wearing of a belt unnecessary and are more comfortable. The weight pockets can be filled with solid weights or soft lead. They are incorporated in the BCD and attached with Velcro closures or other systems. They provide quick release mechanisms (ripcords or pin style release) which allow to ditch some or all weights in case an emergency occurs.
Before purchasing a BCD with an integrated system the diver should be informed of the different types and the operation of their emergency release systems.
The disadvantage of the integrated weights is that it makes the scuba unit heavier to carry around.

To get advice ask the instructors, or share your opinions with other divers in the diving equipment forum.
Look at the diving center directory to find a dive shop or diving center in your region.

All information and opinions provided are general and no substitute for professional advice. Always check with your diving instructor what fits best to your personal needs and to your level of training.

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