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Akumal dive guide


Akumal diving offers spectacular diving for both beginners and advanced divers and a big variety of fresh and salt water diving. Its beautiful coral reefs have created a protected bay, perfect for snorkeling, shore diving and world class scuba diving The reef that passes outside the bay is part of the biggest living reef in the Western Hemisphere.
The incredibly clear waters, abundant marine life and world famous cave and cavern diving make diving in Akumal unique.

This diving and snorkeling paradise is home to an abundant variety of coral formations, sea turtles and tropical fish and is a mecca for cave and cavern divers from around the world.

Akumal is reputed for its network of underground caverns and dive operators in the area offer daily diving excursions into these fresh underground waterways.
The Cenotes are natural spring fed pools that lead to the underwater limestone formations beneath the jungle. There are more than 1500 feet (457 meters) of cavern to be explored in the famous Dos Ojos Cavern where you will discover beautiful ancient stalactite and stalagmite formations and the best thing about it is you're always in the light zone.

Cave diving emerged in the Akumal-Tulum area during the mid 1980's, when divers discovered the cenotes (natural wells) , the windows to the underground streams. The exploration by cave divers then began and many more cave systems were discovered. Today more than 82 different cave systems can be visited and over 300 miles/186 km of passageways to explore.
Five of the largest water filled cave systems in the world are located in this area. The three longest known stalactites are also located in the area's systems. More and more passages are being made into the jungle which give access to many new virgin cenotes.

The water in the caverns remains a constant 75°F/24°C year round and a wetsuit is required in order to maintain body heat while in the caverns

The Mesoamerican Coral Reef stretches over 600 miles/372 km from the northern tip of Cancun, south to the islands of Honduras. This enormous coral wall is second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

A few of the local sites you can dive are, Bad-Head Reef, Wonderland, Grouper Canyons and Escuela.
The soft and hard corals, sponges, and crustaceans, like lobsters, crabs, and shrimp, make up this fabulous marine bio diversity. Both the loggerhead, green, and leatherback turtles are a regular sight here.

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