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Puerto Morelos Diving

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Puerto Morelos dive guide


Puerto Morelos diving offers a large variety of marine life on one of the most beautiful reefs in the world. The dives inside the reef can be from shallow up to dives where you can see large coral formations at greater depths. For more advanced divers there a few wrecks and the cenotes to explore.

The pleasant water temperatures ranging from 25-30°C/(77-85°F) and the good visibility 20-40 metres (60-120ft) makes scuba diving possible all year round.

Mexico's newest Marine National Park on the Arrecife de Puerto Moleros has extraordinary marine life. This coral reef, the second largest in the world is home to the smallest beautifully colored fish and crustaceans as well as stingrays, turtles and graceful eagle rays.

Puerto Moleros has easy access to various dive sites ranging from very easy to very challenging ones. For those who are looking for some relaxed diving there are some beautiful shallow reef formations in water of 40 feet/12 meters depth where you can dive among turtles, schools of colorful fish, eagle rays, and many species of crabs and lobsters only to name a few.

For wreck lovers, there are two accesible wrecks near Puerto Moleros. The nearest is the C-56, a navy boat that has beautiful coral and which is home to very large pelagics at 60-90 feet/18-27 meters). For more experienced divers there's the Tulum which is at a depth of about 120 feet/36 meters.

The Cenote diving is not to missed! Enjoy the cenotes where visibility is 150 feet/50 metres and the dives between 30-60 feet/9-16 metres and see the gracious formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Throughout the centuries a system of underground caverns was formed on this limestone peninsula unique in the world. The porous surface allowed rainwater to create and fill caverns whose water's search for an exit caused parts of the surface to collapse forming what we call cenotes (from the Mayan 'dzonot'). These cenotes are the gateway into an underworld aquatic system.

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