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Tulum Diving

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Tulum dive guide


Tulum diving offers the Mesoamerican reef, the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world with it's unique formations of coral mixed with an abundance of sea life. Tulum has a great diversity of diving, from easy dives to cave diving.

The ocean provides great diving for divers of all levels of expertise. The visibility is good and the temperatures comfortable (averaging about 26°C/78°F).

Tulum is pretty close to Playa del Carmen, for this reason the sites visited may be the same. Some of the dive sites accesible from Tulum are:

Tank Ha situated north of Tulum. The depth is 12 metres/40 feet and is filled with soft and hard corals in the form of caverns and bridges. There are lots of fish, turtles and rays living in the caverns and the display of colours is simply beautiful.

Tortuga II is a site found at 23 metres/74 feet. This site got it's name from the formation of it's coral which looks very much like a turtle.

Balena is south of Tulum and is a massive coral garden with plenty of sea life and coral. You may encounter rays, lobsters and crabs. The depth is 12 metres/40 feet.

Now, as you all may already have heard tulum is famous for its cenotes, cavern and cave diving. The Yucatan peninsula is basically a huge limestone slab that was once coral reef. For millions of years, rainwater carved the porous stone, creating beautiful caves decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. The peninsula is penetrated with miles and miles of cave systems which you will dicover during your stay in Tulum.

Caverns can be small rooms inside a stonewall to huge entrances of big cave systems. All the caverns are overhead environment so divers cannot go directly up to the water surface.
The visibility in the crystal clear fresh water is good, about 200 metres/656 feet or more, and the temperatures average 25°C/77°F all year.
This allows you to enjoy swimmimg through stalactites (formations growing from the roof downwards) and stalacmites (formations growing from the bottom upwards) which are the marvel of natures work over thousands of years. There is very little current and there's the light from the sun rays going through the entrance

Cave divers will also find a lot of thrills in the cave systems here. The caves are in complete darkness and the divers penetrate deep into the system with their torch light. In each of the known caves there is a light nylon guideline to help with navigation.
Cave diving is a specialty that only very well trained divers in this field can undertake but the exploration of this magical world is an extraordinary experience that will stay engraved in thier memories forrever.

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