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Paamul Diving

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Paamul dive guide


Paamul diving is very diverse because there are so many spectacular reefs to choose from and the dive sites are suitable for divers of all levels. The rich marine life includes manta rays, turtles, groupers, eels and butterfly fish just to name a few.

The diving in Paamul is described as easy with it's clear waters but very rewarding. In comparison to other areas in Mexico Paamul is much less crowded and the night dives are simply spectacular.

Some of the interesting sites in Paamul are:

Horst Reef is a shallow dive at 45 feet/14 meters. This reef is very rich in fish life and you can encounter the rare spotted drum here and glassy sweepers and during the nesting season you may have the chance of seeing turtles.

Paraiso Shallow is ideal for beginners and has a depth of 50-70 feet/15-21 meters. It's situated few hundred yards outside the pass of Puerto Aventuras and has an aggregation of coral patches rising 20-30feet/6-9 meters from the sandy botom.

Paamul Mini Wall at a depth of 90-130 feet/27-40 meters is suitable for skilled divers. This deep mini-wall is situated between Puerto Aventuras and Playa Del Carmen. Encounters with nurse sharks, lobsters and moray eels are likely. You may even sight turtles and pelagics.

Paamul also offers the unique cenote cavern diving experience. The divers can admire the beautiful mineral formations through the clear and fresh waters. The Yucatan underground rivers, unlike the other cave systems in many parts of the world are close to the surface. This gives a longer time for divers to ennjoy diving in shallow depths and because cenote cavern dives are not effected by the ocean's temperament the water is always calm and clear.

Also good to know, Paamul is one of the beaches where turtles common to leave their eggs. This usually happens during the warm summer nights.

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