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Maintenance list of scuba diving equipment

Scuba diving equipment maintenance

Proper service and maintenance of the diving equipment is vital to ensure its safe and reliable functions and to prolong its life. There are a lot of influences which can affect the metal, rubber or plastic parts of the diving equipment, such as salt water, dust, sunlight or dirt. This requires careful inspecting and cleaning procedures.

Regularly serviced and maintained gear will be a good insurance for staying safe during the dive.

These pages are intended to be a guidance for scuba divers on how to inspect and maintain their valuable diving equipment properly in order to keep it in good condition.

!!! All technical services, like the annual service of regulator and BCD or the inspection and hydrotest of tanks and valve services have to be carried out according the manufacturer’s advice and only by certified professional diving equipment technicians!!!

Keep in mind, that even if you didn’t use your gear often, it requires these regular services.



As the regulator is the most important part of the scuba diving equipment, it has to be well maintained to ensure its functions.

Mask, fins, snorkelMask, fins, snorkel

Mask, fins and snorkel, being the basics for every scuba diver should be regularly inspected so that they do not to fail during your dives


The BCD has to be checked correctly before each dive, a regular maintenance will prolong its durability.

Wetsuit, BootsWetsuit, Boots

If you want to enjoy the quality of your wet suit and boots, you should always make sure that they are handled properly.

Tank Tank

On account of the high pressures diving tanks are exposed to, they need a particular maintenance and service.

Camera & Diving light

Camera & Diving light

Your valuable camera and diving light need careful inspection and maintenance to „survive“ under water.

Dive computerDive computer

As dive computers are electronic devices they have to be handled with care and regularly serviced.

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